How To Learn To Knit – Simple And Fast


If you love to knit, you will learn how to do it and when you finally get the hang of it, you will be spending several hours every day doing nothing else. So how can you learn to knit, simple and fast? Some useful tips are outlined below.

Get The Right Beginner Yarn and Needles

When it comes to beginner yarn, stick to ordinary wool yarn because it is easy to knit with and enables you to see what you are doing and spot any mistakes. Most yarn labels will have the recommended needle size.

Steer clear of any needle smaller than US size 8, needles that are 5mm, until you are better at your knitting. Usually, a US size 10 ½ needles of 6.5mm will allow you to knit through an average ball of yarn at a good rate.

knittingThe classic set of two straight needles is also recommended for beginners because they are easy to learn new stitches with.

Know The Basic Knitting Stitches

The basic stitches will get you far and in time you will be able to knit intricate designs and learn the more complex stitches. Know how to purl and knit. When knitting the stitch, the yarn is usually held at the back of the work but when purling a stitch your yarn will always be at the front. There are three basic stitches that are easy to learn, and they are as follows:

Garter Stitch

This is the simplest of all knitting stitches and involves knitting every row. In the end, you will create this flat reversible, ridged fabric that will stand up well to wear and stray straight at the edges.

After getting to the end of your initial row of knit stitches, you will simply transfer the full needle to the left hand and begin the process all over again. After several rows, you will see a lovely piece of knitted fabric taking shape.

Stockinette Stitch

knittingAfter learning how to knit and purl in the garter stitch, you can join them together to make the stockinette stitch. This is the V-patterned fabric that is commonly associated with knitting. The stockinette stitch has a smoother appearance compared to the garter stitch and it tends to curl at the edges. This curling can be used to create special knitted fabric designs like rolled necks, rolled cuffs, rolled scar edges and even rolled edges of handbags.

Basic Ribbing

Most hems, necks, and sweater cuffs are made with the ribbing patterns. The ribbing pattern is ideal for achieving this slim body-hugging effect perfect for sweaters. The best thing about ribbing is that after stitching the first row or two, you can ignore the instructions and let your stitches reveal to you what comes next.

knittingWhen the stitch you are about to make resembles a V knit it, but when it looks like a bump, purl it. Just remember to move the yarn back and forth when you work with different stitches to avoid ending up with extra stitches on your needle and this rectangular piece that looks like a triangle.

Having the right yarn and needles plus mastering the above three stitches will help you learn to knit simple and fast.