6 Tricks to Try To Improve Your Knitting


With the coming of the machines, hand knitting took a backseat for a while. However, the machine-knitted products lack that artistic and personal touch of the knitter’s hands. If you desire to take your knitting to the next level, there are 6 things you can do.

Knit Every Day For As Long As You Can

Even the best of the best had to practice a lot for them to become experts. The more you knit, the easier it gets as your hands get used to the rhythm of knitting. It might feel a little difficult at the beginning, but with time it gets easier. Take 10 minutes every day just to knit. Once you have mastered the art, you can knit for as long as you want.

Knit Something New With Every Project You Take on

There are a lot of knitting types and techniques that you could learn.


If your current project is a sweater, you can incorporate color work. If the next project is a tablecloth, consider something different like knitting in the round or even lace. If you are not ready yet, do not be quick to try out the complicated knitting designs. However, always make sure you knit every new project with a different knitting design.

Check Online For The Latest Knitting Trends

The internet is your best resource if you want to learn. There are many knitting podcasts out there that you can listen to while doing hours of housework. Many of these podcasts are very educational and you will learn many methods of knitting your favorite pieces. Online knitting videos are also very helpful. All you need to do is type a knitting related topic on your youtube and several options will show up. If a certain video is not clear or doesn’t seem right, you can always find one that is clear to help you learn that new knitting design.

Interact With The Knitting Pros


There has to be someone you know who is really good at knitting and if you don’t know anyone personally, the internet is always a great resource. You can search for online groups of like-minded knitting aficionados and join their conversations. If your mother or grandma knits take every opportunity to learn from them as well and have them introduce you to others who knit.

Read Knitting Content

You can go to your local library and find knitting magazines and craft books that could be very helpful. There are also thousands of knitting blogs out there that could be inspiring.

Have A Positive Attitude

As you look for information, practice and hang around the knitting pros, make sure that you believe you can be as good at knitting as the best of them.

Knitting is a process and if you are determined to learn, before you know it, you will be knitting the most complicated designs that you only thought the best knitters could make.